Women Helping Women During Covid

How Women Can Help Each Other

Many of you are feeling the difficult effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our world has changed overnight and you may be looking for work and/or need to hire someone to fill a position. We are thrilled and optimistic about our “WIFChat” message board, our new website, as well as our Facebook and other social media outlets. 

These sources are helping our members to continue posting jobs to other members as well as apply for work. We at Women In Film San Francisco Bay Area are here to support you. 

Some businesses are taking advantage of teleconferencing software to continue their hiring. While Covid-19 has slowed down our ability to travel and expose ourselves to the public, there is still a demand for hiring and a great demand for content.  

In times like these, we take our organization and professional network very seriously.  We’ve moved quickly to use our platform to bring trusted news and facts to members as well as job opportunities.

Personally I could not have made my films without the help of BAWIFM and our valuable message board at “Chicks-Chat.”  

For almost 20 years, it has been my go-to resource for networking, education and hiring qualified, talented, women filmmakers. 

We are proud to now be called Women In Film San Francisco Bay Area, “WIFSFBA” and I am honored to be on the Board of Directors, as the Director of Business, alongside such intelligent, qualified, brilliant women. 

I look forward to a bright future and supporting our community of filmmakers in this time of need. We are all in this together and this may be your chance to help someone. I am excited to be part of this  journey of women's empowerment, equality and perseverance. 

Our stories and voices are more important than ever before.  We are here to help you tell your stories and be heard.

Julie Rubio

Director, Business
Women In Film
San Francisco Bay Area