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We work with individual film, television, and media makers as well as local organizations and businesses to help women to connect, create, and be inspired. Through our network we host: Events & Mixers, Panels & Co-Presentations. Workshops & Programs, Screenings & Showcases

Along with a thriving online community & social network, member perks include discounts, freebies and giveaways throughout the year. 


We are currently seeking people who are interested in working with us in small teams to support our vision through action.

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The Member Crew List is a public list of all our members who opt in so their contact and expertise are visible to anyone looking to hire crew, writers, producers, etc.


WIF Chat is a list-serv for the WIFSFBA community to share information, resources, jobs, events and more. This list-serv is moderated by the Board of Directors of Women in Film San Francisco Bay Area.