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Welcome Pride Month!

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June marks the start of Pride Month, a time to celebrate and honor the LGBTQIA+ community and their invaluable contributions to society. As we reflect on the progress that has been made, it's essential to recognize the women and gender diverse individuals who have paved the way for LGBTQIA+ representation in the entertainment industry.

At this critical moment in history, we must listen to and amplify the voices of trans and gender diverse storytellers. Their experiences and perspectives are essential in shaping a more inclusive and diverse society. It's time to stand with LGBTQIA+ and uplift their voices, and work towards a future where everyone is celebrated and accepted for who they are.

Pride Month Events

Frameline Festival

When: June 19-29th, 2024

Where: Bay Area theaters, Asian Art Museum San Francisco

“Founded in 1977, the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival is the longest-running, largest, and most widely recognized queer film exhibition event in the world. As a community event with an annual attendance of more than 63,000 (89,000 virtual attendance in 2020), the Festival is the most prominent and well-attended LGBTQ+ arts program in the Bay Area. In 2021, Frameline’s Festival was named by MovieMaker one of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World. In 2023, Frameline was ranked #8 in USA Today’s Readers Choice poll of the 10 Best Film Festivals in the US. Frameline is a BAFTA Qualifying Festival.

Frameline48: the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival will return to the Bay Area June 19-29, 2024 with its signature showcase of the world’s leading queer cinema. Frameline unites diverse communities for 11 days of innovative and socially relevant content. Discover emerging talents and embrace an unparalleled community of festival-goers at the world’s largest celebration of queer media. The Festival pays tribute to LGBTQ+ experiences through pioneering documentaries, gripping features, delightful shorts, cinematic classics, engaging episodics, and more.

Each year, Frameline hosts 400 official Festival Guests, including directors, producers, actors, programmers, distributors, and buyers that range from small, independent entities to studios such as A24, Neon, Strand Releasing, Wolfe Video, The Film Collaborative, TLA Releasing, HBO, Showtime, and Warner Bros. The Festival is one of the largest annual business meeting places for theatrical and educational film and video buyers in Northern California.”

MORE INFO: Frameline Festival & Film Guide

Fishnets and Film Pride Show

When: Sunday June 9th, 2024, 12:30pm

Where: New Parkway Theatre, 474 24th St., Oakland, California

Cost: $15-$50

“We invite you for an afternoon of DRAG + QUEER CINEMA as we celebrate PRIDE. As always, we promise a joyful & engaging experience with Drag performances and Queer short films. With Special Guests and a Q&A with local filmmakers. Sponsored, in part, by Options For All, Cinemama, and the Pacific Center for Human Growth.

PROGRAM DETAILS: Hosted by Miss Sweet Nothing. With Alina Maletti Galore & DJ M Proper. Queer Cinema includes screenings of Making Up by Ryan Paige (United Kingdom) and Steve the Queen by Zachary Lurje (Australia).”

MORE INFO: Fishnets and Film Pride Show

Brunch N’ Pride

When: Saturday, June 8th, 11am-2pm PDT

Where: Pruneyard Cinemas, 1875 South Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA 95008

Cost: $10-20

“Conversations with QBIPOC of Influence in Entertainment & Media Celebrating LGBTQIA+PRIDE Month.

A Film Screening of TRANS LOS ANGELES is an anthology of four standalone short films regarding authentic Trans experiences in the city of Los Angeles.

We invite you to attend a Special Screening of the FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS segment, about a Salvadoran Trans Woman who gets baptized by an LGBT accepting pastor, while also seeking refugee asylum.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with:

Kase Peña, Writer/Director/Producer of TRANS LOS ANGELES.

Fernanda Celarie, Lead Actor of FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS.

Robert Parra, Associate Producer of TRANS LOS ANGELES.”

MORE INFO: Brunch N' Pride

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Celebrating Juneteenth - June 19th

“Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”) marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure that all enslaved people be freed. The troops’ arrival came a full two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Juneteenth honors the end to slavery in the United States and is considered the longest-running African American holiday. On June 17, 2021, it officially became a federal holiday.” -- History.com

For additional information about this holiday: Juneteenth origin

For book recommendations: San Francisco Public Library selections

Check out these sites for Juneteenth related events in the Bay Area:

Juneteenth Celebrations & Events in Oakland

Celebrate Juneteenth the San Francisco Way

Golden Gate Park Band

Letter from the President

WIFSFBA Celebrating Diversity: LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and Juneteenth

Dear Members,

As we embrace the vibrant month of June, Women in Film San Francisco Bay Area (WIFSFBA) proudly joins the global celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and the observance of Juneteenth. These events honor the rich history and contributions of the LGBTQIA+ community and African Americans, spotlighting the enduring journey toward equality and justice.

When I was 21 years old, I found myself standing in a hotel in Miami, captivated by the vibrant, sensual paintings of Tamara de Lempicka. Her art, with its bold lines and striking figures, spoke to me in a way that was both profound and deeply personal. As I stood there, absorbing the intricate details of her work, I felt a profound connection. I soon learned that Tamara's art was deeply influenced by her relationships with both men and women. This revelation struck a chord within me. As I explored Tamara's life further, I discovered her bisexuality and, in doing so, recognized the same truth within myself—I was bisexual too.

It was a moment of clarity and self-acceptance, underscoring the importance of representation. This journey of self-discovery reminded me of the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQIA+ community, whose courage in the face of adversity has paved the way for greater acceptance and equality.

Coming out as bisexual was accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions—fear, relief, anxiety, and ultimately, empowerment. My experience in front of Tamara de Lempicka's paintings was more than a personal epiphany; it was a reminder of the transformative power of art and representation. Our stories, much like Tamara's art, can inspire, challenge, and ultimately shape a future where everyone is free to be their true selves.

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, celebrated every June, is a time to honor and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community, commemorating the Stonewall Riots of 1969, which were pivotal in the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. It is a month dedicated to celebrating diversity, promoting acceptance, and advocating for equal rights. Pride Month in San Fransisco is a time of celebration featuring  parades, events, and activities that bring visibility to the struggles and achievements of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a time for reflection on the progress made, recognition of the work still needed, and celebration of the freedom to live authentically and to love openly.

Juneteenth, observed on June 19th, commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. This significant day marks the moment in 1865 when Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, arrived in Galveston, Texas, and issued General Order No. 3, which announced that all enslaved people were free. This occurred more than two and half years after President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation had legally freed slaves in the Confederate states, but it could not be enforced in many areas until the end of the Civil War and the arrival of Union troops.

Also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, Juneteenth symbolizes a crucial turning point in American history. It celebrates African American culture and heritage while acknowledging the long and ongoing struggle for civil rights and equality. The holiday highlights the resilience and perseverance of the African American community in the face of enduring injustices and underscores the importance of continuing the fight for social justice and freedom for all.​

The intersection of these struggles emphasizes the need for solidarity and mutual support in the fight against oppression. The stories of both the African American and LGBTQIA+ communities teach us the profound impact of visibility and the relentless pursuit of equality. Together, they remind us that our identities and histories are powerful forces for transformation, driving us toward a more inclusive and just world. Our films can tell those stories and help shape that world for the better.

As we observe these important dates, WIFSFBA reaffirms its commitment to fostering a community where all voices are valued and heard. Diversity and inclusion are essential components of a thriving, dynamic film industry. This June, we come together to celebrate our rich, diverse community, recognizing the unique perspectives and talents each individual brings. Join us in honoring LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and Juneteenth, as we continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of WIFSFBA. 

I am deeply grateful to those who have paved the way before me, dismantling barriers that once seemed insurmountable, and to all of you who are part of our community. Our journey is far from complete, and at times, it feels as though we have taken steps backward, facing setbacks that can be disheartening and exhausting. While we may never fully eradicate prejudice from our world, I remain convinced that we can make significant strides toward equality. This faith may appear to some as naïve or overly hopeful. But what is the alternative? In the face of adversity, I choose hope. Let us continue to fight for the change we seek. Our scripts, cameras, and films are powerful tools. They capture pivotal moments and drive impactful change, transforming the world one film, one image, and one story at a time.

With warmest regards,

Julie Rubio, WIFSFBA President


Writing Workshop with Lorien McKenna

When: June 5th, 2024 at 6:30-8:00 PM PDT

Where: Zoom

Cost: $20/$10 Non-member/member rate. 

Note: Email bod-admin@wifsfba.org for student discount code with “Writers Workshop Student Code” in the subject line.

Please join us for an interactive writing workshop with Lorien McKenna, screenwriter extraordinaire and popular co-host of the Screenwriting Life podcast! First, Lorien will talk to us about her journey as a screenwriter from working at Pixar (Up, Brave, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur) to showrunner for Emmy-winning Tab Time. This will be followed by an interactive writing workshop focused on “character want.” Afterwards, we’ll have an engaging Q&A with Lorien. Sign up and get into the LAVA of your story!

Lorien’s Bio:

Lorien McKenna is an Emmy-nominated and NAACP Image Award-winning writer. 

As a Story Manager at Pixar Animation Studios, Lorien worked on Up, Brave, Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur. She was the Development Producer on several animated features at Paramount Animation and was the Co-Executive Producer for Curious George for the TV series and animated feature films. 

Most recently, Lorien was the Showrunner for the Emmy-winning YouTube/Kids at Play preschool show Tab Time. She’s written and developed for NBC, Hulu, Comedy Central, and Netflix. She adapted and will make her feature directorial debut with How to Set a Fire and Why, based on the novel by Jesse Ball. She has written two Red Raion projects and is in development on a third. She is currently in development on an animated project with Rideback and Titan1A producing based on the Zomben Comic books. 

Lorien is a Script Editor for Screen Australia (How to Please a Woman), Screen Queensland, and Screen Ireland. She is a mentor for the Cinestory Foundation and the Nostos Screenwriting Retreats. She received a BA in English Literature & Performing Arts and an MFA in Playwriting from St. Mary’s College of California where she taught as an Adjunct Professor in the English and Theater Departments. 

She is the co-host of the popular podcast The Screenwriting Life, along with screenwriter Meg LeFauve. Her favorite writing snacks are dill pickle chips and black licorice.

MORE INFO and register here: WIFSFBA Events - Lorien McKenna 

And a BIG THANK YOU  to the following organizations who have come on board as our Community Partners to help promote this event: NYWIFT,  Bravemaker, Larsen Associates, WIFT-US, Black Film Space, WIFV-NE, SFFILM,  and The Vine.


Script Incubator News

Our next monthly Table Read will be on Monday, June 17th  from 7-9pm. Come join us and hear 1-10 page excerpts from writers’ work, read by talented actors from the Bay Area and beyond. No homework! Just show up! And all participants are encouraged to give feedback.

If you have any questions about the table-read or would like to reserve a spot for your script at the June meeting, feel free to contact Carol Hall at bod-admin@wifsfba.org with “Script Incubator” in the subject line. 


National Lampoon Girlz Rule Script Contest Winner - 

Congratulations to WIFSFBA Member Courtney Flynn!

One of our own members, Courtney Flynn, has won the National Lampoon Girlz Rule Script Contest, along with three other women screenwriters! Her script Social Security will be produced by National Lampoon! 

“We are excited about our partnership with Women in Film and Television US to develop new voices and bring a fresh perspective to National Lampoon’s brand of irreverent comedy,” stated Jerry Daigle, the CEO of Double Secret Enterprises, Inc., parent of The National Lampoon Company.

About the winners: (in alphabetical order – title, writer, chapter)

and honorable mention:

About the Contest:

The NLGR Script Contest provided women scriptwriters with an opportunity to submit their screenplays to become part of the GIRLZ RULE feature film series to be developed by National Lampoon. Experienced professionals from the membership of the WIFT U.S. evaluated almost 50 submissions from chapter members in an extensive review process looking for feature scripts that were intelligent with cutting-edge wit combined with some satire.

About The National Lampoon Company LLC:

National Lampoon has an illustrious history in the comedy genre beginning with its first film produced in 1978, National Lampoon’s Animal House, one of the most successful comedies ever. Producers Carol Bidault de l’Isle (“Daliland”) and Jerry Daigle ("Love, Wedding, Marriage") will develop and are set to produce the GIRLZ RULE films.”

Do you have career or event news you’d like to share with fellow members?  

We’d really like to hear about any recent career accomplishments, awards, new ventures, or a positive experience having to do with our industry.  This is one of the advantages to being part of an organization like WIFSFBA -- by letting others know what you’re doing, you can expand your creative family and even  find new collaborators for future projects.   

So…take a moment to sit down and write something you’d like to share with your WIFSFBA sisters.  Then email that blurb and any related images to bod-admin@wifsfba.org with ‘Members in the News’ in the subject line.  Do it now rather than next week -- you deserve to shine!  Submit by the end of the month to be included in the next newsletter.

Community Partners - Events & Invitations

NYWIFT’s Masterclass Series:  Post Production with Company 3 -- 20% Discount on Tickets

When: June 3, 10, 17th, 2024. 3:30-5 PM PDT
Where: Online
Cost:  $25 for Members, $45 for Non-members. Price includes admission for all three sessions.  

“Join NYWIFT for their Masterclass Series: Post-Production with the renowned team at Company 3. You’ve wrapped on your latest project, with raw footage proudly in hand. Now what? In this series of three masterclasses, discover the history of the post-production process, the latest advancements in color correction technology, best practices for how to communicate with your post team, and what to keep in mind as you budget for the finishing touches on your film.” 

To get a 20% discount, use code C3Post when registering here:  NYWIFT Post Production

Jewish Film Institute Presents:  44th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

WIFSFBA is proud to be a Community Partner of the Jewish Film Institute’s 44th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, taking place July 18 – August 4 in the Bay Area. SFJFF44 will showcase dozens of films, talks, parties, and events that celebrate the latest and greatest in independent Jewish storytelling for audiences everywhere.  

Get your Early Bird pass  NOW at SFJFF.org 

The Vine: The Video Industry Networking Event

When:  Thursday, June 6th, 6:00-8:00 PM PDT
Where: The Port Labs, 2044 Franklin St., Oakland, CA

“The June mixer promises to be another fantastic opportunity to catch up with colleagues, forge new connections, and share insights into the latest trends and innovations in our industry.

Whether you're a filmmaker, producer, editor, or play any role in the video industry, The VINE is the place to be for networking and inspiration. ​Mark Your Calendars for the Next VINE Mixer!”

Register here: VINE Networking Event for June

Women in Film and Video - Make It CRISPy: Consent-Forward Filmmaking with Windy Borman

When: Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 at 3:30 - 5:00 PM PDT
Where: Zoom
Cost: $15 for WIFV Members and Students, $30 for Non-members

“Do you want to create a workplace that is both creative and respectful? Join Windy Borman, an award-winning filmmaker and Certified Consent-Forward Artist, in this free webinar to learn about the 5 elements of consent, as defined in the acronym CRISP. Windy will guide you on how to apply these elements so you can foster a consensual and collaborative environment in each of your productions, no matter where you appear on the Call Sheet.

Panelist Bio:

Windy Borman produces digital content and live events for thought leaders so they can entertain, empower, and engage their audiences to create global change. Her 20-year career encompasses producing three documentary films, producing performances for Dr. Maya Angelou and Margaret Cho, serving on the board of two Women in Film chapters, and working as a Certified Consent-Forward Artist. More info here. “

Register here:  Make it CRISPy: Consent-Forward Filmmaking with Windy Borman  

Micheaux Film Festival -- 20% Discount on Film Submission

Feature Film  Submission Deadline:  June 21, 2024
Short Form Submission Deadline:  July 11, 2024

“The Micheaux Film Festival is a multicultural festival that celebrates diversity and representation both in front of and behind the camera.  With a focus on fostering inclusivity and promoting emerging talent, the festival embraces a wide range of genres, styles and perspectives.  It acts as a catalyst for change, inspiring a new generation of filmmakers to challenge conventional norms and push the boundaries of storytelling.”

Please contact us at bod-admin@wifsfba.org for a Promo Code when you submit your film here:  Micheaux Film Festival

SIMI Film Fest -- Film Submission Invitation

Festival Dates:  September 5-8, 2024 -- Simi Valley, CA
Film Submission Deadline:  July 21, 2024
Cost:  Varies  

“The SIMI Film Fest  extends beyond the ‘start date’ with pre-event online meetings and chances to promote your work throughout the entire festival journey.  

Our curated panels aim to boost filmmakers’ careers by connecting them with industry professionals. We facilitate 1-on-1 meetings after panels with esteemed individuals, including Oscar and Emmy winners, studio execs, and recognized industry experts, to maximize exposure and career advancement opportunities.

What Films are we looking for?   We seek films that capture the essence of cinematic magic across all genres -- comedy, drama, action, thriller, animation, scifi, or any unique combination.  If your storytelling is compelling, you may just be a perfect fit for screening at SIMIFF.”

Contact us at bod-admin@wifsfba.org for a 20% submission WIFSFBA member discount code if submitting.

Submit films here:  SIMI Film Festival 

CAFILM PRIDE:  A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Cinema

When:  June 7-9, 2024
Where:  Smith Rafael Film Center - 1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

“CAFILM is proud to present their second Pride series showcasing exceptional LGBTQ+ films that are thought-provoking, insightful and entertaining -- a celebration of the varied and vibrant community they reflect.  Their goal is to promote LBGTQ+ understanding, provide a safe space for queer individuals, families and allies, and foster an inclusive community for all. 

 The Rafael will also have the Aids Memorial Quilt (displayed in 1987 at the National Mall in WDC, and made by Marin County Organizations and families who lost their loved ones) in partnership with the NATIONAL AIDS MEMORIAL GROVE on display throughout the weekend.”

More Info and Tickets:  CAFILM Pride

WIFT-US Member National Networking

When: June 13th, 2024, 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific
Where: Zoom

“Join us to meet other crew across the US! Crewing up in another area, join us and let’s put you guys together! Want to network? Join us! Must be a paid member of your local WIF chapter.”

MORE INFO:   Register for WIFTUS Networking Night 


NYWIFT and Hamptons International Film Festival

Submission date: Friday, June 28th, 2024
Cost: Free

“The Women Calling the Shots showcase of short films made by women filmmakers will take place at the 32nd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival (October 4-14, 2024).

A partnership between the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) and New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT), Women Calling the Shots is in its 21st year. The series gives voice to the creative visions of women through film and video, including scripted, documentary, animation and experimental works.

NYWIFT invites its members, as well as members of Women in Film organizations worldwide, to submit their short films for consideration for this program that is curated by NYWIFT and HIFF.

Please note: if you are a member of another WIF chapter you will be asked to provide proof of membership. 

No submission fee is required for applications.


– SHORTS ONLY: Films must be 20 minutes or less in running time. (There will be no exceptions for films with extended running times.)

– Completion Date: Films must have been completed after January 31st, 2023.

– Previous submissions will not be accepted.

– Submitted films must not have been released theatrically or have received a U.S. television broadcast.

– Submitted films must not have been released publicly online prior to the festival.

– You must be a member of NYWIFT or another WIFT chapter in order to qualify.

Submissions must be received by Friday June 28, 2024 (11:59pm Eastern Time). (No exceptions for late submissions.)

Please Note: Submitting a film for the Women Calling the Shots showcase does not qualify it as a submission for the main slate of The Hamptons International Film Festival.”

MORE INFO:   NYWIFT 2024 Women Calling the Shots Shorts Showcase 

Austin Film Festival Script & Film Competition

Film and Short Competition Deadline:

Cost: Varies based on what is being submitted, from $60+. Contact us at bod-admin@wifsfba.org for a member discount code if submitting.

“For thirty years, Austin Film Festival has been catapulting writers into life-changing careers. With one of the most noteworthy competitions among Hollywood tastemakers, AFF consistently yanks newcomers from the isolation of their desks and ushers them into the bustling world of film and television. Whether your dream is to sign a contract, land an agent, learn from an industry icon, or take home the coveted Bronze Typewriter Award, it’s simple: you can’t win if you don’t enter.”

Apply here: Austin Film Festival 

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Late Deadline: June 15, 2024
Extended Deadline: July 15, 2024 

Cost: Varies depending on date submitted

“The 33rd annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (October 18-26, 2024) is the longest-running non-fiction film festival in North America in the following documentary categories:  Shorts, features, episodic series.  HSDFF  is a designated Academy Award-qualifying festival for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Sciences in Documentary Short Subject.”

Submit here:  Hot Springs Doc FF

Shore Script's 2024 TV Pilot Contest

Final Deadline:  June 28, 2024                                                                                                                                                     
Accepting:  1 hour & ½ hour TV Pilots, including Web Series, Limited Series, and Anthology shows

Our TV Pilot contest is for screenwriters looking to get staffed on TV Shows, and have their pilots picked up by Production Companies. This contest has a proven track record of helping emerging writers achieve their goals of becoming full-time working TV writers in the US & abroad.  Writers through our TV pilot contest have gained representation, and gone on to write and get staffed on shows for Netflix, HBO, HULU, Universal, SYFY, FOX, Sony, SkyTV, Peacock & Others.”

Submission Info:  Shore Scripts TV Pilot Contest

Film Pipeline Shorts Film Competition

Early Deadline: June 5, 2024 - $35                                                                                                                                 
Regular Deadline: September 10, 2024 - $40

“The 7th Annual Film Pipeline Shorts Competition seeks remarkable directors and diverse, engaging content -- the type of work defined by forward-thinking perspectives and unconventional yet universally appealing stories.

Film Pipeline has created a platform significantly different from a festival:  selected entrants are given one-on-one collaboration with Pipeline execs to develop or produce additional scripts, consideration for industry circulation, and extended promotion of their film to our broader audience.”

Submit here: Film Pipeline Shorts Competition


SCREENCRAFT Film Fund Grant Program                                                                
Final Deadline June 30th 

“ScreenCraft will offer production grants to talented creators for narrative features, short films, TV pilot series scripts, and documentaries that display originality, vision & exceptional potential. 

With $30,000 in grant funds available, this unique grant program is designed to help fund your vision. We consider a range of projects, from treatments to standalone screenplays to fully-packaged projects seeking finishing funds and will choose 1-4 projects to fund.  Grant amounts will vary depending on the scale and merit of each project. “

Submission info: Screencraft FF Grant 

The Future of Film is Female Short Film Fund 

Opens: August 9, 2024  --  Closes: August 9, 2024 (or when 400 limit is reached)

Standard Submission:  FREE

“The Future of Film is Female looks at short films directed by women or non-binary filmmakers for two funding cycles a year.  We consider films for financial pre-production grants or post-production grants from Heard City (sound) and Nice Shoes (color).  

GENERAL GUIDELINES: For ALL women and non-binary directors; no more than 20 minutes; all genres accepted; Non-US films are considered; For Pre-production funds, samples of previous work need to be included.  At this time, not funding episodic works or festival submission fees.”

Submit here: Future of Film is Female

Out at the Movies Film Grant - Emerging Artist

Application Deadline:  August 1, 2024

“This Out at the Movies grant program is intended to supplement the budget for an emerging LGBTQ+ filmmaker in the creation of their film.  The winner will receive a $5000 monetary award, along with access to a group of mentors from various disciplines within the film production world. Additionally, they will receive an all-access pass to attend the 2024 OATM Film Festival (October 3-6, 2024)."

Application Form:  OATM Emerging Artist Film Grant.   

Submit completed application:  email Director of Operations & Development:  maxcullen@gmail.com

2025 Headlands Center for the Arts Residency
Application Deadline: June 10th, 2024
Cost: $35

“The Artist in Residence (AIR) program awards fully sponsored residencies to approximately 50 local, national, and international artists each year. Residencies of four to ten weeks include studio space, chef-prepared meals, housing, travel and living expenses. AIRs become part of a dynamic community of artists participating in Headlands’ other programs, allowing for exchange and collaborative relationships to develop within the artist community on campus. Artists selected for this program are at all career stages and work in all media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, installation, fiction and nonfiction writing, poetry, dance, music, interdisciplinary, social practice, and architecture.”

MORE INFO: Headlands Center for the Arts Residency

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