Kelli A. White

Producer/Line Producer/ Script Supervisor

After spending a couple decades as an aviation accident investigator and emergency response manager for airlines, Kelli met some amazing female aviators and just knew their forgotten story needed to be told.  As she worked to develop the project and get this story told, she strived to learn more and more about production and the art and business of filmmaking and fell in love with it!

As she has career-pivoted to follow her passion and work with filmmakers telling stories that touch people’s hearts, inspire, or shed a light on issues that affect our world; her experience developing programs and planning for emergency responses has made her a thorough, detail-oriented, and hands-on producer and script supervisor.  Kelli formed her first production company with a childhood friend and a strong female writer, reconnecting over the desire to tell stories that focus on strong, female characters with a passion to do more and help others.  

In recent years she has produced and/or worked as a crewmember on twelve short films, the most recent one was written and co-directed by Sean Patrick Small, Larry Bird in HBO’s Winning Time.   Kelli has also worked on two features, Haven and The Whisper Network, and she is currently in development on a few other projects including her initial passion project Promised The Moon.  

Kelli has three goals she focuses on as she selects her projects:  work with a great team or teams of people, do something meaningful, and have some fun while doing it.  Additionally, Kelli has worked with and supported non-profits that support elevating individuals through education and those that support cross-cultural understanding through international teen travel and leadership programs.  Both work and fun have allowed Kelli to visit six continents, 26 countries, and 42 states.  While filmmaking is her passion, aviation will always be in her blood, even her dog, Luna, flies about 22 flights a year.