Julie Rubio

Julie Rubio is a multifaceted and award-winning film director, producer, writer, and actor, known for her dynamic storytelling and passion for bringing to light the narratives of those often overlooked. As the President of Women in Film SF Bay Area, Rubio dedicates herself to empowering and elevating women in the film industry, fostering a supportive community for female filmmakers.

In 2002, Rubio founded East Meets West Productions, a venture that has since been a beacon for impactful filmmaking. Her most notable work, the critically acclaimed "East Side Sushi," won accolades at 16 film festivals and garnered nominations for Cinema Tropical's 2016 Best Latino Film of the Year and Mexico's Diosa De Plata award for Best Picture. The film, a compelling narrative of a Latina single mother's pursuit of a better life, achieved widespread distribution through Samuel Goldwyn Company, Sony Home, HBO North America, and Netflix, where it became a trendsetter in popular and drama categories.

Rubio's artistic prowess extends to her other projects, including "Too Perfect," "Six Sex Scenes and a Murder," "Soledad is Gone Forever," "Oakland B Mine," the comedy "Del Cielo," "Everything is Temporary," and "Impression," inspired by the struggles of female Impressionist painters. These films have not only received acclaim but also featured in numerous prestigious film festivals worldwide, such as the Los Angeles Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Cinequest, Miami International Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, CAAMFest, San Francisco Latino Film Festival, and the World Film Festival of Bangkok.

Rubio's directorial finesse is also evident in her distribution accomplishments, with her films being available on platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Apple TV, reaching audiences both domestically and internationally.

Currently, Rubio is embarking on a new journey, channeling her long-standing fascination with the art and life of Tamara de Lempicka into a definitive documentary, "The True Story of Tamara de Lempicka and the Art of Survival."