Darlene DeRose

Darlene is a teacher, public speaker, group facilitator, and emerging producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. After earning her MBA at Yale University, she worked as a public finance consultant for 20 years, founding and operating a nationally ranked company.  In 2020, she founded ShadowPower Productions, creating docu-style visual media - documentary films, promotional content, campaign videos, and advocacy shorts. She works with clients as diverse as non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, political campaigns, religious organizations and volunteer groups. 

Darlene recently produced “Finding Hope in America (Encontrando esperanza en América),” an advocacy film that seeks to raise awareness of recovery services available for Spanish-speakers struggling with substance use disorder and to advocate for expansion of culturally appropriate treatment. The film won an award for Outstanding Excellence at the 2024 Hispanic International Film Festival. “Finding Hope in America” led to the award of a County-level grant to fund an Hispanic Outreach Program and initiated a working collaborative of organizations that offer services to the Hispanic Community.