Meet, mingle, chat, and network with fellow WIFSFBA members!


Chat and network with other WIFSFBA members in the San Francisco Bay Area film,
digital media and screen arts
. Seek out others who do what you do, to connect with and share references, contacts, etc. The goal is 'fun' on this new experimental platform that promises an informal and unexpected experience.

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About Wonder is a new virtual space where you can connect with others in a more spontaneous and fluid way. Move around freely between groups. Check out Wonder here.

*Wonder is designed for use on desktop and laptop computers and currently doesn’t work on phones or tablets. Learn more about supported devices and browsers here.

To Use Wonder:

Add your photo, move your avatar around with your mouse. To join a conversation circle, click and hold on the circle to join the group. To leave a conversation, click to move away. Check out the beginning of this video to see an example.

The Virtual November Social is a members-only event.
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